Gatekeeping and Restrictive Practice.  How common is it?   We asked families and teachers across Australia and the results are a national disgrace.  States and school types are compared.

The Power of Parents.  This is an invited address to the AGM of Family Advocacy NSW that lays out the incredible impact that families have had and continue to have on society.

How’s your State doing?        We asked families and teachers across Australia to rate their State or Territory on how well they were doing implementing inclusion.  Here are the results. 

Why Include?  Parents are normally strongly encouraged by professionals and teachers towards segregated ‘special’ education.  This paper goes into why that is a bad idea.

Why ‘Special Needs’ are to be avoided.  This paper looks at the terminology of ‘special needs’ to show they are not only a myth, but are used to justify segregation.

Inclusion:  Much more than being there.      Shows that inclusion in school is composed of 8 interacting elements .  Inclusion in the same lesson is key to socially belonging.

What does the research say about inclusion?               Links to several international research reviews are available to download.  The results might surprise you. 

Redheads!!                              A letter to the Australian newspaper last century (!) showing the absurdity of segregated education.  Redheads beware.         

Inclusion in the community.  A detailed analysis of the factors that can cause community inclusion to succeed or fail.  It needs more than just being there.

Teaching Strategies.  While written for teachers, this sets out a range of strategies to maximise the impact of teaching that can also be used by families

I have a dream.  
The famous dream speech revisited.  There are many parallels between other groups for people with disability.