How and why of school inclusion

Raise your schools IQ*

(*Inclusion Quotient) 

Would you like to know …?

The ‘WHYs’ of inclusion

What is the reason for the push to include all children?
Is it only social inclusion that we are talking about?
Do we also mean children with very significant disabilities? What is the research evidence on…?

  • The impact of inclusion on children with a disability?
  •  The difference in academic outcomes between segregation and inclusion?
  • The dangers of bullying or loneliness?
  • The impact on the other children?
  • The impact on teachers and schools?
  • The effects of mixed inclusion and segregation (pull-outs for special classes)?

What are my legal obligations in relation to inclusion? What is the rest of the world doing?
Where can we get help?

The ‘HOWs’ of inclusion

  • How can we help to build relationships between children?
  • How can we include a child with an intellectual disability in the same class lesson?
  • How can we include a child with physical disabilities in physical activity (e.g. sport)?
  • How should we include the child with disabilities in the class rules
  • How can we best work with:
    • Parents
    • Other teachers
    • Other professionals (e.g. therapists, psychologists)?
    •  Educational Assistants?
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Class-wide peer tutoring & class groupings for maximum teaching impact.
  • In-class strategies to include all children in the lesson.

Workshops can be tailored to your school’s requirements.