Workshops can be structured around the individual needs of a school.  They can be as short as an hour or so at the end of a school day, half day or full day in-service or a series over time to systematically build up skills  around inclusion and system change.  For information on examples of workshops that have been carried out for schools and education systems, click here.


National data consistently shows that approximately 30% of students enter high school unable to read to the level of the text book, which are normally set at around Year 6 reading level.  For students with a disability, students with English as a second language and Aboriginal students all have even worse results.  However, in programs instituted in a range of public and private high schools, reading gains of 2.5 years in one year have been achieved on average by regular teachers teaching 4 periods per week.  For more information, click here.


Consultancy can cover working with individual students on inclusion in the classroom lesson or working with behavioural difficulties; on collaboration and building a relationship with families on an individual or school wide basis, and working on school wide process such as building belonging, building an inclusive culture and  ensuring compliance with disability legislative requirements.  For more information, contact us.