We can provide psychological services such as a behaviour support plan that is focussed solely on the needs of the person and not the behaviour.  Behaviour is commonly a means of communicating that fundamental needs are not being addressed.  We also do not take the approach of ‘behaviour management’, but rather we want to build self control.  This may take longer but has life long advantages and means the person can achieve increasing independence as their self control is established.  The approach is solidly built on brain research.

How can we plan for an ordinary life, a good life? Unfortunately a major impact of NDIS is that it draws our attention to the money as the solution and pathway to a good life.  While money of course is important, most of the good things in life revolve around relationships and belonging. Unfortunately, sometimes the plans developed through NDIS can push people into a segregated life with other people with disability as these are commonly the only services readily available.   We can do better, but only if we have a clear vision, good people in support and a strategic path.  We can help to develop his.

We can also provide other psychological services including assessment of independent living skills.  However we do not provide ability assessments such as IQ for ethical reasons.   

We can supply services through a self managed plan or an agency managed plan but not an NDIA plan as we have found the bureaucratic nature of the NDIA to be in conflict with our aim for an ordinary good life for people with disability